Not all Organic Eggs are Equal

It’s easy to tell if an egg is fresh or weeks old. A fresh egg shell might take a few hard cracks to break. A fresh egg yolk will have a deep yellow color and it will sit high and round. An older egg will have a pale yolk that is flat and watery. The albumen will surround the yoke in a fresh egg with little water runoff. By the way, albumen, the clear jellylike substance that turns white when cooked, has more protein than the yolk. If it is runny, thin and watery this egg is not as fresh. A fresh egg that has been hard boiled is hard to peel because the moisture in the egg doesn’t allow for an air pocket between the albumen and the shell. The older the egg, the more moisture it loses and the easier it is to peel. Lighter egg in photo is an organic egg from Trader Joe’s and the darker yoke is an organic egg I purchased at Farmer’s Market. Right after these photos were taken, I fried them up for my husband. Without hesitation, he said the farmer’s market egg had superior buttery flavor. Try this experiment yourself!

Farmer's Market Egg on Right

Seeing is Believing

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