Smart Carbs for the Holidays

Carbs have gotten a bad wrap for years and so they should. But then again, do you know what are carbs?  When I ask students and patients the answer is usually, “pasta, breads, potatoes.”  Yes they are carbohydrates but did you know all vegetables and fruits are carbohydrates as well?  Whole grains are in the carbohydrate family as well.

So what you should be limiting is the refined carbohydrates and starch carbohydrates.  But you CAN indulge on good carbohydrates (such as fruits and vegetables) without any guilt.  I can hear you mumbling, oh how boring!  Our Thanksgiving holiday dinner side dishes were far from boring and included:


  • Winter Roasted Vegetables that included, sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, winter squash, brussel sprouts, leeks and lots of fresh chopped herbs.
  • Wild rice and quinoa stuffing made with sautéed shiitake mushrooms, celery, onions, sage and thyme. Delicious and satisfying.
  • Sweet Potato Casserole with Cranberry Glaze and Toasted Pecan Topping.
  • Apple Pie – with fresh apples, whole grain flour, organic sugar and of course pumpkin pie. (See my holiday Best Ever Apple Pie Recipe)
  • Bread Basket consisted of Cranberry Orange Nut Bread and Gluten-Free Cornbread.

Naturally sweet and very satisfying, it was impossible to over eat these healthy carbohydrates.  Check my recipe section for these and other recipes.

Refined Carbohydrates rarely leave us satisfied and can lead to overeating.  To understand the affect of refined vs. complex carbohydrates on our bodies refer to my blog on navigating the carbohydrate maze.


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