Movable Market Feasts!

My newest delectable demo and tasting event series is here, the Movable Market Feasts, where we will pick a new location to be held each time.  We’ll begin with a VIP Trip to the local Farmer’s Market, where I will give you a chef’s tour of some of the lesser known fruits and vegetables and how to use them, as well as searching for the ultimate fresh ingredients for the evening’s recipes.  Next we’ll meet up at our chosen location, next one to be held at Viva Oliva, where I will conduct a lively cooking demo and tasting, with each course to be carefully paired with local favorite wines.  The next one will be Tuesday, August 19th, 4 pm Market Tour, 6pm Demo & Tasting.  Click HERE to view details and register for the next event.  Join us, we’d love to have there!

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