Best Way to Grill Peppers Tutorial

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Check out my video on how to best grill fresh veggies…there IS an art to grilling, especially with fresh foods, to ensure they keep their flavor, color, and nutrients.  And also be sure to follow my YouTube channel for more … Continue reading

Spicy Watermelon Salad

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How to get through this humid summer!  Try this Watermelon Salad that has a twist that will surprise you. Toss the feta cheese right before serving and bring it to your next BBQ.  Summer is my season for loading up … Continue reading

Creamy & Crunchy Kale Salad

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Creamy & Crunchy Kale Salad   Kale is by far the most nutrient dense, healthiest vegetable you can ever eat… Packed with more nutrients than you would get in a large salad, be sure to include it in your diet … Continue reading

WOW! Turkey Burgers

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Wow! Turkey Burgers (Serves 4)   I am told these are the best turkey burgers that people have tasted.  See for yourself!  Turn some of this mixture into turkey meatballs and turkey meatloaf to freeze for later dinners. 2   lb free range turkey … Continue reading

The TRUTH Behind Egg Labeling

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Egg Labels To Know The number of different buzzwords on egg cartons are ever increasing! Whilst we are led to believe that certain labels offer improved level of standards for the treatment of the hens, the truth is, there’s not … Continue reading

Don’t Eat Stale Eggs!

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Fresh Eggs or Aged? Laying hens usually molt for three to four months out of the year. During that time they normally lay very few eggs. Commercially produced eggs from chickens that are raised in overcrowded conditions and are forced … Continue reading

Hawaiian Sweet Potato Salad

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Hawaiian Sweet Potato Salad (serves 6) 4 yams (orange fleshed) 4 cups ¼ cup mayonnaise plus 1 Tbs. 1 Tbs. Dijon Mustard 2 celery ribs, 1 cup diced 1 small red pepper, seeded and diced into ½ inch pieces, ½ … Continue reading

Jicama, Red Cabbage & Apple Slaw

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Jicama, Red Cabbage and Apple Slaw (serves 4-6) I love the light refreshing crunch of this salad. A great side dish to any protein especially BBQ! 1 medium jicama root, peeled 2 cups sliced red cabbage 2 green apples 4 … Continue reading

What Diet is Best For You?

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So what diet is best for you? It’s not about losing weight, it’s about being as healthy as you can. The best diet for you is the one that makes you feel vibrantly healthy. Paying attention to how you feel … Continue reading

Asparagus….Tips & Tricks

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Asparagus…it can be a love or hate affair.  But this nutrient dense wonder food can be delicious if you know how to prepare it right!!  Take a look at my TUTORIAL and find out how to make them melt in … Continue reading