Kitchen Fundamentals

There are a few reasons why people feel they fumble in the kitchen and feel at a loss what to do. Often it is (like most things) what we believe about our talents or lack- there-of in the kitchen. Some of those beliefs are pure myths. Like the night-in-shining-armor coming to sweep us ladies off our feet. Alas, no one is perfect and neither is cooking!!! Surprised?

Contrary to some beliefs, it is not an exacting science of ingredients and procedure (although baking borders on that). More on that another time. Perhaps we compare the kitchen like the lab in college: mysterious ingredients that must be mixed in the right amounts at the right time or we could risk blowing everyone up!

Cooking is nothing more than playful expression of creativity. Not creative you say? Well, I don’t think I am when it comes to painting but I know if I picked up a brush and some oils and did it over and over I would get better and better at it. Perhaps I would never become another Monet but it would be beautiful in my eyes because I did it.

Same with cooking, as long as it isn’t burnt beyond recognition it’s acceptable. With each new cooking adventure you’ll get better and better. By the way, if it is burnt beyond recognition, that’s a really good night to go out for dinner!

Right now I am building the tutorial page on this blog and will add short “how-to” videos in the future. For now there are some still shots of cutting styles that might help you through the maze of styles. Actually, having difficulty uploading photos to this blog….any help is appreciated.

If cooking terms and procedures confuse you, knife skills and equipment baffle you then you might want to come to Kitchen Fundamentals cooking class coming up the end of this month. The class is three Friday evenings starting January 28th from 6-9pm at the Schott Center on Bath Street in Santa Barbara. See calendar for more cooking class calendar for more details.

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