Mincing an Onion – Easy!

Always soak your onion for 10 minutes in hot or cold water before peeling. Unless, of course, you like to cry! Soaking will make the skin soft and easy to peel and practically eliminate all tears. After soaking, cut off just behind the root end of the onion. You will know the root end as the end with little hair like roots coming out of the top. You will see later that it helps to hold the onion together while mincing. It will be discarded in the end.

Cut onion in half so that the knife goes through the center of the root end. Take one half and place it on the board face down with the root end away from you. Taking the front end of your sharp knife make very thin slices up to but not through the root end. Make sure your left fingers are tucked behind your left knuckles. Your knuckles will act as a guide for the knife.

Once the onion has been thinly sliced, but still holding together, turn it horizontal to you. Now slice across in small cuts across your original cuts. You should be getting small pieces of onion fall away.

You can do the exact same thing for chopped or diced sizes. Chopped is your biggest so just make larger slices wider apart both directions. Diced would be smaller but bigger than minced. Again adjust your slices according to the pieces you want. Take a look at the photos to guide you and may your only tears be happy ones!
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