Comfort Foods for Crazy Weather!

Crazy weather were having – one night I want a hot and hearty stew and another I just want a big large salad.  Did you know our bodies are always trying to readjust our internal temperature to the climatic changes we have?  We want cooler, lighter less cooked or more raw foods in hotter weather and warm, heartier longer cooked foods in the colder nights. Makes perfect sense then why in dry or hot climates many dishes include hot spices which dilate our blood vessels, make us sweat and therefore cooling our bodies down.  Coming from back east, I ate very little spices but here in CA, I enjoy more of them, although I am still a spice wimp and stick to “medium heat”.

My Sweet Potato Home Fries fill that bill – spicy coating just kicks up the sweet potato.   Roasting these on high heat brings the two flavors together.  Don’t try to deep fry these, the spices will burn.  And for the cooler evenings when a big bowl of soup is the most comforting thing on the menu, my Marvelous Minestrone is here for you to enjoy!

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