Christmas, a continuation of gratitude…

I hope you enjoyed the time with your family and friends this past holiday weekend as much as I did. We just ‘ gave thanks’ this past Sunday. My oldest son is  a private chef and being in the food industry it’s nearly impossible to get holidays off. So we changed our dinner to accommodate. My youngest son was driving 10 hours to be with us too. Our family is growing with babies on the way too!
It’s all about coming together and being grateful for what we do have.  After all, the pilgrims didn’t really have a singular holiday that they called Thanksgiving. Their first harvest dinner was a celebration of gratitude for having survived a year in their new country. Half of the settlers died the first year, so to survive and thrive with a bountiful harvest their first year was surely cause for a Thanksgiving feast.
So it’s not about the date, it’s about coming together with those that are dear and near to our heart and remembering with gratitude all the things that makeup the fabric of our lives together.
Christmas holiday to me is a continuation of this same gratitude. Yes, it is over commercialized but the recognizing  the blessings we have, the magic of the holiday spirit of giving is what makes this holiday still one of my favorites. To you and yours, may you have a loved filled holiday.
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