GMO Corn Surprise, Buyer Beware!

Buyer beware! Trying to avoid GMO corn (which is 90% of what is available) I purchased a snack for George and I.  Third way into the bag, the old familiar migraine headache started creeping in which I only get with GMO soy.  Strange….why would I react to this otherwise organic popcorn made with organic olive oil?  Closer inspection said that it was produced in a facility using wheat, milk tree nuts, and soy.  This facility must process GMO soy and this organic popcorn was contaminated. Now, I am not super sensitive that a little cross contamination should bother me.  Afterall, I use the soysauce at the Japanese restaurants when I go out for sushi.  I don’t however, consume more than a few of the edamanes as I will feel a twinge in my cranium.
Concerned, I wrote to TJ Corporate and returned the otherwise almost empty bag of popcorn. Asking them if they are going to put their name on an organic product they should select processors who only use other organic products as to assure a minimal cross contamination. Although I have heard back from them as yet., TJ is very good  about customer comments.   Update to follow…
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