How to Get Maximum Success on the Bone Broth Fast!

Important Guidelines on the Success of the Bone Broth Fast

Homemade bone broth cooked for a few days will give you an amazing amount of minerals, vitamins and amino acids (protein). Homemade broth is alkalizing to the body which helps to bring down inflammation, whereas packaged broth can be acidifying (pro-inflammatory).

DO… put in vinegar in the beginning of your bone broth stewing. It will help to pull out minerals and amino acids from the bones. Use only unpasturerized vinegars (Braggs Apple Cider is one of the best).

DO… put salt in the broth the last few hours of brewing. You will not absorb the broth and nutrients without it. Salt is an electrolyte that will give you energy. This is absolutely necessary for the success of this fast.

DO… drink as much broth as you want even between the meal times. Not unusual for someone to drink 1 quarts a day.

DO… drink the fat with the broth. It will give you energy. Poultry fat can be stirred quickly back into the broth. You can remove some excess fat from beef broth but please leave some of it in. You can also blend the broth which will give you a ‘creamed’ soup consistency.

DO…drink plenty of water throughout the day and consider some detox drops
too. This will help to flush toxins out of the body. If you are experiencing detox symptoms such as a headache, it is crucial you keep on drinking.

DO…engage in mild low-impact exercise such as long walks twice a day. If you can do more that’s even better. Movement allows the lymphatic system to move toxins out of the body.

DON’T… purchase pkgs commercial bone broth as they are generally not made from the bones and are not ‘brewed’ for very long. They are acidifying.

DON’T… purchase bone broth soups from restaurants with the idea of straining them. They are often made from a soup base that can have excessive salt and possibly msg for flavor enhancement.

What happens during the Bone Broth Fast?

Ø Keytone Proteins are produced in the brain and the body goes into fat-burning mode. This can often lead to a 1lb. a day weight loss of fat tissue.
Ø When the stomach is empty the body goes into an anabolic state which is a state of repair and building up. This is the state you will be in during the Bone Broth fast.
Ø Be aware that, the body can also go into a catabolic state which is a state of breaking down fat and muscle. Losing muscle can be hazardous to your health so you may have to consult with a nutritionist and modify the fast if this is not your goal.

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