Boosting Your Immune System

Your Immune System

Boosting your immunity to protect us from disease is more about what we do for the inside of our bodies than the outside. Protecting our immune system is an inside job.


Remember:  It is just as important that what you put in your mouth is as important as what you don’t put in your mouth.



  • Eat Well!!  Do they comprise 40% of what you eat daily?  That’s roughly 3 cups of vegetables a day.  High in anti-oxidants to protect us against free radical damage that can overwhelm immune system.
    • Dark leafy greens highest in Vitamin E and beta Carotene (Vitamin A) and calcium. Don’t substitute bottled juices.
  • Eliminate Processed Foods and Fast Foods. You will crave more quantity if you don’t have quality foods.  Another words you eat more.
  • Minimize Sugar: Ease up on sodas, pastries and such. A few grams of sugar can destroy your white blood cells’ ability to resist infections for several hours. Have fruit when you are craving something sweet.
  • Cut refined carbohydrates. Eat more whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, oats and barley.
  • Protein – good quality. Seafood 2-3 x a week including at least one serving a salmon. Include some vegan meals with beans and whole grains in your weekly meal planning.
  • Exercise:  Moderate exercise, 5 times a week, helps your lymph system cleanse impurities to boost your immune system. Walking 1-2 miles several times a week is helpful.
  • Reduce Stress  –  Stress and anxiety are the leading cause for decreased immunity.   Work, relationships, finances, etc. all take a toll.

Relaxing activities: hiking in nature, sports, yoga, meditation, dancing or any activity that makes you laugh!

  • Sleep Quality:  Studies have proven that the best and most restful hours of sleep are between 10p.m. and 6 a.m.


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