Some testimonials from students and clients over the years:

“Suzanne not only cooks extraordinarily prepared meals, but cooks from the heart. When she’s in our kitchen her delicious meals turn our house into a home.” Kenny Loggins, singer/songwriter, Santa Barbara, CA

“Suzanne never leaves you feeling deprived or unsatisfied. Every meal she prepares is balanced, nutritious and absolutely delicious. Her recipes will change the way you eat and change the way you feel.” Ellen Kreidman, Ph.D Author of the N.Y. Times Best-Sellers “Light His Fire and Light her Fire”.

“…Her warmth and robust sense of humor are a great compliment to her forthright style. She transformed my kitchen into a cozy and nurturing environment… She also possesses an extensive knowledge of macrobiotic and vegetarian nutrition with an emphasis on herbs and natural healing.” Pia Zadora, Actress/Singer

“Suzanne is uncommonly talented. She has a mater’s knowledge of nutrition and the effects of food on the body. Eating her food I have lost weight while eating more luxurious than I thought possible and have more energy that I have started to exercise. The cravings have ended because yummy, natural carbohydrates are my friends….”Maryjo McGrath, Esq. Santa Barbara, CA

“Suzanne Landry has the wonderful gift of being able to share her passion for healthy food while making it very delicious. In addition, she writes and talks in an interesting and entertaining manner. To top it all off she practices what she recommends and it shines in her face and in her life. I recommend her book to all who are serious and wish to be joyful about food and healthful eating.” Walter M. Lewis, M.D., Santa Barbara, CA

“Suzanne makes cooking fun. I have learned how to make the most nutritious and delicious foods that my family loves. In my naturopathic practice, I have share her recommendations with my patients to help them happily change their eating habits.Thanks for all your years of commitment to delectable whole foods.”Kiki Corbin, ND, CTN, Monterey, California

“Suzanne Landry is a pioneer in the field of creating healthy, alternative, tasteful menus to satisfy the pallet of clients whom have diet and health issues, but also in our programs at Issels Medical Center. Suzanne has maintained her commitment to pure and organic ingredients while providing great food and I encourage all to try any and all of her menu options.” Vanessa Keyes, White Star Catering, Santa Barbara, CA

“I really enjoyed your class! You’ve inspired me to continue my experimenting in the kitchen. My (young) kids and wife continue to be amazed at my new found interest in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing your Tips and Tricks! I’m buying more organic, trying new recipes, making smoothies and having fun!” Keith G. Santa Barbara, CA

“Once again – thank you for the good food! I have been waiting for your cookbook for years!! I have dozens of cookbooks but yours are the recipes I’m looking for…i.e.: healthy – not too hard to cook – real -people food. I think you have a special way in the kitchen and I know there’s a lot of people out there that would love to have your recipes!!! Keep going! “Cleis W., San Luis Obispo, CA”I have learned more about food and its relationship to the human body and its functions than I have in any health class. Suzanne Landry’s natural cooking classes are educational, fun and have opened up a world of knowledge necessary for a lifetime of proper eating.” Sally S., Basking Ridge, NJ”I really enjoyed and found your classes to be extremely thorough as I learned a lot! I especially liked your “human” approach like “don’t think you’re going to make this transition overnight – you’ll go off and on”. That’s exactly what’s been happening with me. You definitely give people their money’s worth!” Maddie H., Rockaway, NJ”Everything was perfect to me. I got much more out of the “cooking” class than I could have dreamed I would. The most fascinating thing was the nutritional and endless information I picked up regarding so many facets of eating, preparing, etc. etc., life….Great!” Sylvia L., San Luis Obispo, CA

“Very informative, very clear, lots of helpful tips and easy ingredient preparation. Your classes are great demonstrations that are inspiring and fun. I’ve been looking forward to your cookbook!” Catherine H, Simi Valley, CA

“My own purpose has been fulfilled for being here – a more balanced look at and experience of what healthy cooking means to me and how to apply it to my situation. All I need do now is to practice it daily. Loved your open way of sharing your own experience …we all benefit greatly – thank you!”Joan K, Santa Barbara, CA

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class. The recipes were delicious! I have download so many recipes from the Internet and usually disappointed because they had no flavor and very few are healthy. My body needs good food like the recipes you prepared. My favorite and, my dog Buster’s loved the herbed cous cous salad. I bought your CD and checked it out this morning, what a magnificent cookbook, although much more that that. I did not have too much time to read everything, mainly wanted to print a few recipes. That was a mistake, thinking I would print just a few. No way, I printed about 30. I wish you much success with your cookbook and look forward to purchasing it!” Barbie Lange, Santa Barbara, CA

“The changes I’ve made in my son’s diet plus the new added supplements have helped the asthma tremendously! Minimizing the dairy and wheat was key. Thanks to your cooking classes I have more confidence in the kitchen, valuable resources (cooking tips & recipes) and have improved the health and quality of life of our family! Thank you so much for sharing your talents and information! Dina Richardson, Goleta, CA

“Thank-you so much for your expertise on cooking, spices, technique, and your time and love for good health and sharing it with others from all over the world. You are much appreciated and I will carry what you taught me about food, reading labels, balancing the groups of foods, environment poisons, and much more that I will take with me for life. Very, very good information and education. Thank-you Suzanne. I look forward to hearing from you. Oh and my boys and my dad just loved the foods I cooked for them and those are the recipes and techniques I learned from you. Take good care.” Brenda Petaja, Alberta, CA

“Thank you for your time in teaching us know to live a new and healthy way. May God Bless you and your family and keep giving you all that wisdom. I’ll call you when we’re ready to open a restaurant in Orlando.” Betsy A., Orlando, Fl.

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