For juicy chicken…

To avoid drying out skinless, boneless chicken breasts when cooking there are a few tips to keep in mind:

Tip # 1 – Always cook your chicken breasts whole. Cutting it up before cooking will result in dry, tough, tasteless chicken. Simmer or pan fry the breasts as you would in the recipe and right before serving, slice it or cut it into the desired pieces.

Tip # 2 – Use a kitchen shear (scissors) to trim fat, gristle and membrane from the breast. They are inexpensive and can be purchased just about anywhere.

Tip # 3 – To get it evenly cooked, slice the thickest part of the chicken breast off. Put the breast flat on your cutting board with the thickest end away from you. You also want to have the “underside” of the chicken up. Taking a sharp knife, holding it horizontally at the thin end of the chicken, slice straight toward the other end without raising your knife. The knife will cut off a small piece at the end the size of a madallion. You can use these smaller pieces in the same recipe or cook them up for sandwich fillings. Proceed to cook chicken as directed in the recipe. See my Chicken Parmesan recipe in “What’s Cookin..”

First trim gristle and fat with kitchen shears

Place knife horizontally at the thin end of chicken breast

Slice straight to the thick end to remove medallion size piece

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