Triple Washed Organic Greens is not all that it seems……

Using my ionizer water purifier, I decided to give another wash to my organic salad greens. For most of us, triple washed would simply mean “washed three times”. Not so, it appears. Salad greens are placed on three horizontally stacked conveyor belts. So the top belt gets “fresh” (is THAT filtered?) water which then drips to the second belt, taking whatever dirt and grime from both to the third belt directly below. Eventually, the third belt will become the second and finally the first on top. So the “final” wash is clean water that hasn’t been contaminated from the other belts. Does washing something in dirty water really qualify as washing? Wouldn’t that be dunking in more contaminates? UGH….!

So I decided to experiment with my Enagic ionizer with very alkalized water. You see 11.5 pH is too alkaline for us to drink but works terrifically well in pulling off sprays and dirt from foods. It emulsifies fat and oils which most pesticides and herbicides have as a base. Bu,t you use organic only, you say? So do I! The rain and air is polluted and the wind carries toxic chemicals from anywhere and everywhere. So I always wash my organic produce.

Okay, follow along as you look at this picture. So I first took a handful of “triple washed organic” salad greens and soaked them for 2 minutes in 7pH water – neutral, same pH as tap water but filtered. That is the picture on the left of the box of salad.

Then I soaked it in a bowl of 11.5 pH water and the results of that is shown in the bowl to the upper right. Pretty scary. About now you are thinking, “ohh…I usually just eat it right out of the box.”

The third bowl, positioned to the lower right is the third wash in 9.5 pH. Still pretty alkaline but not as powerful to pull off sprays as the 11.5.

I have used the 11.5 to emulsify salad dressings (1-2 Tbs) with great success. It helps to keep the oil and vinegar from separating. I have also used it as a shower door scrub!!! It worked! We put it in a spray bottle and armed with a green scrubby, attacked the shower door. Well, it worked as good as the toxic chemicals normally purchased for that job. If that pH can emulsify fat and oil, it followed that it would break up the soap and body oils just as well and it did a great job.

When I am washing salads and other leafy produce, I soak them first in acidic water. Remember the few eColi scares with produce in California? Well, salmonella and eColi cannot survive in acidic water stronger than 2.5pH. This is not drinkable water, remember, but my ionizer can make that water. I soak for 30 seconds (long enough to kill the bacteria and short enough that the greens won’t absorb the water). Then I remove the greens and put them in 11.5pH for 2-3 minutes. Spin dry them and I have squeaky clean, truly organic greens.

So, I am loving my ionizer and appreciate its wide uses more and more. It was an expensive purchase, yes, but as we are at least 70% water then it follows that it is the most important element I can put in my body. Besides, the company had a 0% APR credit plan. If you want more information on this amazing machine you can go to

Write to me with your questions and experiences with your water filters/ionizers!

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