Not all carrots are created equal…

Wait! Don’t buy those impostor baby carrots! Those popular “baby carrots” are one tenth the nutritional value of a regular carrot. They are made from carrots broken during harvest and reshaped into smaller, smoother evenly barrel shaped “baby carrots.” They are not baby carrots at all~! Much of the nutrition in a carrot is in the outer skin. Remove that and you remove much of the nutrition. So buy organic whole carrots and cut them yourself for optimum nutritional value.

When purchasing fresh carrots, look for the bunched carrots with the green tops still in tact. They will be the freshest, usually within a few days of harvesting. Before refrigerating these fresh bunch carrots, remove the tops and keep them bagged separate. If left on, they will continue to pull moisture from the carrot. The next morning you’ll have rubbery dehydrated carrots.

A question to ponder. From the carrots point of view, what is the most important part of the plant? The green leafy top or the carrots? If you guessed the tops, you were right. The carrots are the root whose sole purpose in life is the bring water and nutrients from the soil to the plant to keep it alive. So, it follows that the green tops contain just as much nutrition as the carrots with a little variation. The tops will also have chlorophyll but not carotene. You can use a few leaves from the top in soups, stews, salads or other garnishes. I save them and add them to my vegetable juice I make in the mornings. I only add, however, 3-4 stems as it can be very bitter.

Separate Carrots from Tops

Use Carrot Tops in Soups, Stews, Salads, and Juices

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