CRAVINGS! What’s Your Body Telling You?

We have all experienced the out-of-the-blue-craving for something forbidden in our diet.  Is it always emotional or is our bodies telling us something? Well if your body is not just telling you but yelling at you sometimes, read on.

Well, let’s be honest, many times that sugary sweet snack or chocolate bar is filling an emotional need at that moment.  But if the cravings happen more often, it’s usually our bodies are really trying to tell us that we are missing a  nutrient.

The good news is though, you can fulfill those nutrient needs without the binge of high calorie carb treats. Also, the more excess salt you consume the more sugar you will crave.  Think potato chips with soda. Likewise, if you consume too many sweets, you’ll end up grabbing a bag of salty pretzels (or whatever your go-to salty snack is).  Keep in mind if you do decide to hedge off your cravings by eating something good for you, it will take roughly 20 minutes before your brain gets clued in that you are deficient anymore in that nutrient. So, be patient. By the way, the best salty snack you can dive into without guilt is my Cheesy Kale Chips.   Here’s a list of things you should keep in mind:

Your Cravings What Your Body Wants What You Should Eat
Chocolate Magnesium Nuts, Seeds
Sugary Foods Chromium Broccoli, Cheese
Carbon Spinach
Phosphorus Chicken, Beef, Eggs
Sulphur Cauliflower, Broccoli
Tryptophan Cheese, Lamb, Liver
Bread, Pasta, Carbs Nitrogen High Protein Meat
Oil/Fatty Foods Calcium Cheese, Broccoli, Spinach
Salty Foods Chloride Fish
Silicon Nuts, seeds


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